Friday, April 26, 2013

List of Pre-order sites for the Sailor Moon Bandai S.H. Figuarts figure!


This will be the start of a list I'll be compiling for pre-order sites for the new Sailor Moon S.H Figuarts. Keep in mind I'm only posting links that I find, and I ask that anyone who wishes to pre-order from any of the sites below, does their own research before placing a pre-order with a un-familiar company.

Check back for updates! More will be added as they are posted.

1. Gundam Planet
This shop offers a $4 discount for pre-orders! Making this figure $38.95

2. GG Infinite -

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ochibawolf on Instagram!

If you happen to be on instagram, you can follow me there too! I post lovely photos of Sailor Moon, Monster High, Disney, MLP, and more! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Sailor Moon World Madness

That is all :3

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bandai Japan surprises us all - New Sailor Moon Figures

As many of you already know, Bandai Japan has announced (and showed prototypes) of two new Sailor Moon figures! This exciting news swept across the Sailor moon fandom VERY quickly, with many blogs/users frantically spreading the word.

Japan has been very abnormally quite(besides the announcement of a new Sailor Moon anime next summer) concerning their hit, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, big 20th anniversary this year. I'm comparing this with Sailor Moon's 10th anniversary, which was the time of Sailor Moon World. Japan had went all out with tons of merchandise. So fans felt a tad let down when fall 2012 crept around and no merchandise was announced from Japan. Until now. The silence has been broken!

The gorgeous display at the toy show

 At Tamashii Nation 2012, a toy show in Japan, a beautiful set up of our Moon Princess was presented. Now it may look like 3 figures, but, it is only two. The first one is is a S.H Figuarts figure. These figures are highly articulated with posable joints! Usually they come with changeable heads/faces, hands, and various accessories(I hope she comes with her Moon stick!!). Shown below is the same figure with two different faces and set of hands. Two of Sailor Moon's most popular poses!!! Think of how you could pose her! And Luna too!


Now I've done a little research on these figures. I have never heard of these figures until they announced a Sailor Moon one. ;) For comparison, below are photos of how Precure figures are boxed. This is just to give you an idea how these figures come packaged. (eeee fangirling over seeing the Toei sticker on the boxes again!) These will run around 2,000 - 4,000 yen depending on how much accessories they come with. Also, to see more of these cute precure ones, check out this wiki page. As you can see, they can be pretty darn detailed, and have really cute stands. So I'm thinking Sailor Moon up there will come with a cute stand as well. Here's hoping for more of these from Bandai for Sailor Moon!

Now the second figure Bandai Japan announced is a Chibi-Arts figure!

These are so cute! And even these are sometimes posable, and can have changeable faces/arms/hands/accessories. Photos below of some boxed Precure ones for an idea. These run around 2,800 - 3,800 yen.

This is just the beginning you guys. Start saving your money now, Sailor Moon collectors!!!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

GEAnimation Star Locket released

The long awaited Star Locket necklace from GEAnimation has finally been released! 

I pre-ordered mine from a fantastic web store, Circle Red. GEAnimation actually recommends them. Their service was great, packed well, and shipped before the estimated arrival date, which was awesome! 
It does not open or play music. But it's beautiful!

This is how it comes packaged.

The packaging is pretty boring, and frankly, I don't know why they chose to stick this item in super small plastic wrap. As a collector who also buys these items in doubles (one to keep sealed for my collection) I would have much preferred a package closer to how they package their keychains and charms. (Example of that, here, by SMcollectibles)

But despite the poor packaging, the item is very well made. I did order two, and they both differed quite a bit in quality, as stated by the company. One of them had more manufacturing errors than the other. It wasn't too bad, but a noticeable difference. I really hope GEA will make more replicas like this one, especially using that shiny gold paint. I just love it!

Don't let those high eBay and Amazon prices fool you, do your research. This necklace is retailed at $14.99. So please don't pay more than that for it.  Go buy this item from Circle Red($11.99 on sale!). Link here(as I write this, it's still in stock!) - > Star Locket Necklace at CR


Friday, August 24, 2012

Mail ~ New additions


It's finally raining here, guys! We've been in a large dry spell, and this rain is well needed. Not good for standing outside and signing for your packages from the mail man, but the rain is welcomed!


Cute faces!

Does it seem like my Artemis's face is squished in?

The new GE Animation kitties arrived today! Now, I won't be opening these for a while, as the house they are in now gets pretty dusty, so their plastic wrappers are staying on for the meantime. Their bodies are a bit weird, and remind me of a dachshund's. They are also standing in a unusual pose. I wish GEA would had made them sitting instead. ^^; If you want to know more about these little guys, my friend and fellow collector did a excellent review on them over at her Sailor Moon Review blog. Go check it out!

A package from Mandarake! Now, I have no clue what this thing is. To be honest, I really only purchased it for the cute S art(look, Luna P!). I love how the Cosmic brooch isn't simplified like it usually is. Chibi Moon's brooch is simplified, though. Weird!

To me, this looks like what you would put over a small seat for a child. But I could be wrong. I took a photo of the tag if anyone who can read Japanese wants to give it a go. EDIT: According to a friend of mine "The hood is actually a "disaster relief hood". I believe they wear these (in this case a small child) when there is an earthquake to protect their head."

This next piece, I actually received a while ago, but was waiting for a few other Sailor Moon things to make a blog post about it. The kaleidoscope! AHH it's so beautiful! It shines so brilliant! This is a IRS piece, meaning it can interact with other IRS Sailor Moon toys. There are senders and receivers. This scope happens to be a sender(as you can see in the graphic to the top right. The heart indicates what this particular item is), so when pressed, it can send a signal to a receiver piece and it will activate it! For instance, the Japanese Crisis brooch is a receiver, so when you point this wand at it, and press the button, it will activate the Crisis brooch! Neat, huh? Man, Japanese children in the 90's had it going on!

This wand is HUGE. It's the tallest wand I own, and it won't even fit on my RP toy shelf. I had to lay it on it's side :(

I also got a mysterious packing in the mail today! Until I saw who it was from ^_^ I literally have the nicest friends! My friend Sarah sent me this freakin' adorable fan made MLP FiM mini notebook!!!

She wrote me a very sweet note inside n_n
Seriously, I love my collector friends. I love helping you guys out, and I know you'd help me out in turn. You guys make this whole toy collecting thing a blast.

Thanks for stopping by, guys! Also, I updated my shop with a few more items, so please check it out when you have some time. Byeeee


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Disney's Designer Dolls

So, the pre-orders for the full set was last Monday (Aug 20th 2012) and they sold out. Although I don't think they actually had many complete sets to pre-order, so they went fast. Did anyone order a set? I'm curious! I love dolls, especially Disney dolls, and when I initially heard the announcement that Disney would be doing a Designer Villain line, I was ecstatic - but the moment didn't last long. Soon after the announcement, Disney released photos of the dolls. Having high hopes for this line, I was let down. I won't go into detail on why I dislike them, since I know many of you do, and probably don't want to hear me complain about them :P

More info about this line over here at the Disney Store blog 

The art, as with their previous Designer Princesses, is gorgeous. Although some things bother me that was also made into their doll form. Again, not getting into that.

The boxes are super pretty, and I bet these will look great next to the designer Princesses. But at a price tag just shy of $500 for the set, I can't bring myself to spend that much on dolls I only like a little. And I'm one of those people who go nuts if I don't own a complete set of something, so only buying the ones I love, wouldn't work out with me ^^; Especially since I own all 10(Cinderella is missing from the photo) of the Designer Princesses.

Which brings me to my next topic! "Dollmageddon" last fall, 2011.

Aug 22nd, 2011, the very first Disney Designer Doll was released. I was at the closest Disney Store to me a few hours before opening, which is 2.5 hours away, in Oklahoma. (I live in Kansas..) Luckily, I had my good friends with me, who are also toy collectors, to start this tiring(and sometimes scary!) process of obtaining all 10 dolls. The first 3 were a breeze to get! (Ariel was 2nd, and even had one left at the release of Belle! And now this doll goes for around $300-$500!) Each time we got there early, and my friends and I were first in line every time. We started to become known there, as the girls from out of town, who drove so far each week to get these dolls. With Mulan's release (4th) things starting getting real. There ended up being around 20-30 people now in line. We were still first in line, but we overheard people talking. Talking about reselling these online, how much you can get for them, etc. We realized we were in battle! For Snow White's release, we came extremely early. Even before the mall opened, which was around 7:30 am. That time, there was a line up outside the mall. Behind us, some 40 year old men were whispering and trying to scare us. Whispering so we could hear them say things like "I'm going to run when those doors open." " Those girls don't look like they can run that fast".

Yeah. Scary, right? 40 year old men, wanting to outrun us for DOLLS. I didn't really wear something to run in. My pants were loose, and would probably fall off. (I guess I didn't believe in belts then) One of my good friends, Belinda, said she would run. So the plan was to have her outrun them, and get the first spot in line for us. Doors open, and we all start walking real fast. The guys start gaining on us, and we all walk faster. Then one of them goes into a full blown run! Belinda darts ahead of them, and eventually beats all of them to the Disney Store's entrance. Wow. We get our first spot in line, thanks to her. My friends and I start talking on how we don't even feel safe walking to our car now. It gets creepier when one of the guys puts his hand on my shoulder and says " What? Are you afraid of someone snatching your bags from your hand?"

But apparently, this was happening everywhere across the USA! People buying these dolls just to resale for a profit on eBay. Snatching them from collector's hands, trampling kids, and the stories get worse on what I've heard. Disney hears about this and decides to do something different with the last 5.  They release all 5 at once. This is serious. My friends and I, (and I also take my husband, as we are all just scared at this point) go the night before to Oklahoma. We camp out in our cars. And at 4am we start seeing people line up outside the mall. Great. We are no longer first in line like we'd always been. So in the freezing cold, we are 9th in line, waiting for the mall to open up at 7:30. The mall's security is involved this time, and keeps us in order. At 7:30, they keep us in our lines, and we walk, single file to the Disney Store, which now has a line set up for us to wait in. More people keep showing up. The Disney store clerks are pacing around, watching us, and asking us Disney trivia to keep us sane. The big moment comes! They have the Disney Designer Princess cards to pass out! The manager tells all of us how many of each they have. And they will go down the line and ask each of us what we want. And once they're gone, they're gone. There were over 60 in line. And the most they had of one, was like 38. I can't remember the exact number, as this was almost a year ago. But it was a high number, since this store received the most dolls in the region.

To wrap this up, because I'm getting tired of typing :) My friends and I were able to get a full set! Here is a photo, my husband snapped of us, sporting all of the cards, proudly. (poor K's head didn't make the photo! Wtf, Curt?! lol. I'm the red headed one, w/ glasses)

So I'm just wondering, who has ordered a set of the new Designer Villains? Or do you guys plan on going in store to purchase them? They do have a higher production number, each having 13,000. So I'm assuming it will be a bit easier to get them. But I won't know, since I'm not bothering with them. But I'd love to hear people's experience on getting these, since I can fully relate. I wish luck to anyone who is planning on getting these, and I hope you have a much more pleasant experience than my friends and I did. I can't wait to see photos up close of these!

~ Ochi